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Travel Set 3 x 45g Soy Scented Candle | SIRÈNE

Travel Set 3 x 45g Soy Scented Candle | SIRÈNE

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Fragrance: Variety of luxurious scents

Package inclusive: 

  • 3 x 45g travel candle, well-packed in a soft-touch pouch.
  • Can choose three from followings scents:
    1. English Pear & Freesia
    2. Wood Sage & Sea Salt
    3. Candelice Rose
    4. Sexy & Naughty
    5. Lime, Basil & Geranium

Why you'll love Travel Set 3 x 45g Soy Scented Candle: 

  • A diverse range of fragrances, catering to different scent preferences.
  • Practical and convenient for people on the go - whether it's for a weekend getaway, business trip, or just moving around the house, these compact candles are easy to pack and transport, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite scents wherever you are.
  • An excellent choice for gift-giving. It allows the recipient to experience a variety of luxurious scents, making it thoughtful and versatile for different occasions.
  • People who appreciate fine fragrances and high-quality scents will likely enjoy this travel set.


Other features:

All scented candles enclosed in one reusable soft-touch pouch with a sophisticated charm upon packaging contains three scented candles, each weighing 45g.

Amazing quality from beginning to end.


Burning Tips:

45g Burns up to 10-13 hours. Recommended for travel use. 

Embrace the art of scent and embark on a sensory odyssey with our Travel Set 3 x 45g Soy Scented Candle, where luxury meets convenience in a symphony of fragrant bliss.

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