Our Story

A scented candle gift ignited our passion for the scented candle experience, leading us to explore and craft our own luxurious creations.

"We were gifted a scented candle by a friend, and instantly fell in love with the soothing aromatherapy it provided. Curious about its ingredients, we discovered it was made from paraffin-based wax and the potential harms of it.

This sparked our interest in candles and their components, motivating us to venture into crafting our own. Our initial goal was simple: to find relaxation and create fragrances we truly love, while keeping them safe for our bodies. After thorough research, we discovered that paraffin-free wax, specifically 100% soy wax, offers the perfect balance of performance, eco-friendly, and affordable formulated with our making process ensuring that all our candles are of high quality from start to finish.

We hope you like our products. Come and embark on this aromatic adventure with us!"

- Lee & Yun

It's In The Name

Our brand, SIRÈNE, is named after "mermaid" in French. Our scented candles, like mermaids, bring a touch of magic and mystery, turning any space into a peaceful oasis.

Embrace the enchantment that makes us unique and enjoy the elegance inspired by mermaids.