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Trio Set | SIRENE Scented Candle Gift Set Collection

Trio Set | SIRENE Scented Candle Gift Set Collection

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Fragrance: Variety of luxurious scents

Package inclusive:

170g Scented Candle x 3 pieces
Reusable Soft Touch Pouch with a sophisticated charm x 3
Organic Plant Oil Soap
Himalayan Bath Salt 300g
Gift Bag with Customised Engraving

Why you'll love it:

Introducing the Trio Set – a luxurious collection that harmonises ambiance and self-care. This package includes three 170g candles, each emitting a distinct fragrance to enchant your surroundings. The Reusable Soft Touch Pouch, adorned with a sophisticated charm, provides both storage and style.

Pamper your skin with the nourishing Organic Plant Oil Soap, while the 300g Himalayan Bath Salt transforms your bath into a rejuvenating retreat. Complete with a Gift Bag featuring Customized Engraving, the Trio Set is the perfect gift, blending elegance, relaxation, and thoughtful details.

Elevate your senses with this curated trio – a symphony of scents and self-indulgence.

Amazing quality from beginning to end.

Scented Candle 170g burn time approx. 40hours, recommended for larger space up to 800sqft.
Himalayan Bath Salt 300g can be used 1-2 sessions of bath soak or 3 sessions of foot soak.
Plant Oil Based Soap gently cleanses and nourishes skin with natural plant oils, leaving it soft, hydrated, bright and refreshed.

Candle Burning Tips:
1. First Burn
When you light a new candle for the first time, allow. it to burn until the entire surface has melted into a pool of wax.
Wax has a 'memory' - if a 'tunnel' forms, it will burn incorrectly ever after, wasting wax and running the full burn time your candle promised.
2. Trim Your Wick
Before each subsequent use, carefully trim the wick to 10mm.
3. Stay Out of the Wind
This prevents the flame from flickering or being extinguished prematurely, ensuring a consistent and safe burn.
4. Store Candles Properly
Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This helps preserve their colour, scent, and quality.


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